Legal fee savings for franchisors

Save up to 75% on your franchise legal fees with our Legal Consulting solution.

Franchises are all shapes and sizes. Whatever your size, the need for legal counsel in business is obvious.

Big franchises have the luxury of big budgets with in-house or large firms at their disposal.

Many mid sized franchisors and small sized franchisors don’t have this luxury. They need experienced and skilled franchise lawyers but find big firm costs prohibitive and trying to do it in-house by well meaning staff is high risk and looks unprofessional.

We have an ideal solution for mid sized and small franchises, and we call it our Legal Consulting solution.

We come to you and work in your business (like an in-house lawyer), advising on whatever legal questions you have and assisting you to ensure the systems and processes you create and adopt in the franchising operations meet all legal requirements and do not expose you to risk.

We enable you to focus on your commercial strategy with the confidence you are adopting industry leading best practice.

You can choose the amount of engagement you would like. It might be one day per week or one day per month. It might be more depending on your needs. You don’t pay by hour or by 6 minute interval, you pay a reasonable daily rate.

Crea Legal and Consulting Legal Consulting has reduced the legal spend of franchisor clients by up to 75 percent and dramatically improved their results. You get all the benefits of a legal firm with the harmony and rapport of a corporate counsel.

Email us a question or call for a no obligation free up to 30 minute consultation.

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